Destination UK – My Personal Advice on How to Prepare Your Move from Overseas

Is it London that attracts you? Think twice. Depending on your area of interest, whether that’s a university degree or a job prospect, there is a chance you’d be better off in a less expansive city! I know that sounds harsh, but competition is high, so you better brush up your language skills before you arrive, giving your future in the capital a good headstart …Sincerely assess why you are going, what you want to get out of it and research possible pathways for education or employment online. I’m not trying to be pessimistic here, but it takes a fair bit to enter the country altogether

Coming from outside the EU?

The 4 types of Visas such as Tier 1, applicable to those with special skills, vary in accessibility. For instance, unskilled workers visas, known as Tier 3, are currently not being given out at all. Tier 2 for experienced skilled workers are capped at 20.000 a year (!), while the student visa Tier 4 is very popular. That’s potentially because the fees you pay to study is benefitting the exclusively private educational sector here.  To keep it short, for a non-European to apply for any of these types of visas you must know your status and be prepared to exemplify your qualifications. Eu citizens are free to roam and work across the EU. Given that Brexit is to happen, they too might face stricter criteria for entry soon though.

Prep to go

Whether we’re talking rent or food, London is very expensive. 2000 GBP is a reasonable amount to be equipped with to cover rent and deposit for the first month. You might want to check out estate agents online or see the specified listing-site to gain orientation. Alternatively, as a student, you can choose from a new service of temporary accommodations like Chapter that allow you to budget and decide on your comfort level beforehand.

Your first twenty minutes in the country

Stepping out of the airplane you are not quiet there yet. Border control to anybody outside the Eu means queuing a little longer then everyone else. Have your landing card and passport ready. You are about to have your first face to face contact with the law and its civil

osman semerci blog moving to london tips
Close up of a road map of London

servants inside the country. That’s why knowing some basic English will help you to articulate answers to questions commonly posed. They will want to know where you are travelling from and where you are going and for how long. You might need to show a proof of accommodation at this point or provide a telephone number of the person you are staying with, as well as bank statements and personal information to do with the reason for your stay.

Provided you have what it needs, you will have just experienced British politeness and can go ahead! And who knows, if you were to head to the capital, London can be your Oyster!

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