This Post is Dedicated to Your Tired Bones After a Night at Fabric, London’s Legendary Nightclub

Let’s start by imagining the day after a night out, craving the best sleeping hours you lost after spending them all moving your body as part of a crowd. Party people from all over the world descend on Fabric. On Saturdays it’s historically been electronic music such as techno and house, while on Fridays it’s bass music genres like drum and bass and grime that are featured on the dance floor. You emerge from a short sleep after a night of sweat and exhilaration and you are craving a good laugh.

Bring on the comedy

English wit bends its own traditions with numerous stand up comedy acts performing live throughout the week. Depending on whether you feel like booking a ticket and travelling to a professional venue such as the Soho Theatre or going to your next door pub, the chances are you will have an entertaining night-out following my advice. Take your tired bones to the river by Vauxhall Bridge into the Battersea Barge, a chic yet cosy venue on water. If you feel too leisurely to go to a theatre but want to attend something more glamorous than a pub comedy night, make yourself walk along the river to reach the repurposed boat. You’ll catch some fresh air on the way there, enjoy the cabaret!

Relax with a drink overlooking the city

Heard and seen enough down below, surrounded by the water of the river Thames ? Wanting to take to new heights is, i can assure you, just another knock-on effect of late night partying at Fabric. A rooftop view lends itself to a deliciously mixed cocktail you can drink overlooking the city, whether that’s at sunset or at night, London lights will greet you. In Wapping at the formerly industrious Tobacco Dock you will find my favourite spot among the rooftop bars. Skylight is open to the general public from Mai till January each year, serving seasonally themed drinks and platters. It is available for group bookings but it is never too noisy. I promise you will be able to properly relax at Skylight- after a night out, or just before!

Drinks and songs?

If the sky makes you too contemplative, why not go for another round of entertainment!
Near the station Waterloo you’ ll get to listen to emerging musicians playing a free gig at Primo. This venue offers no sky but the bar area looks particularly eerie and quite a bit like a 90’s TV studio, with blue light shining from behind. There is a stage with live music. The styles vary depending on the night – ranging from chansons to world music to rap, with amplified as well as acoustic concerts. You’ll be seated on one of these round black leather chairs till it’s time to stand up and dance again. The bar turns into a nightclub and now it’s your call – do you stay there, go home or go back to Fabric?

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