Culinary Treats From Supermarkets and Grocery Shopping at Markets

Average Metropolitan Food Shopping

It’s just a suggestion but if you don’t have time to check out one of my favourite places to eat traditional English food in London, and you can’t yet cook your favourite British dish, check in the comfort food section at your local supermarket ! On any high street you’ll find one of the larger ones, namely Sainsbury’s, Tesco or Waitrose.

Culinary options for the microwave or oven, frozen, chilled or precooked- convenience food fills aisles in the UK, which is quiet exciting to foreign taste buds! But surely that is only for the convenience-minded. All three super-markets are also equally well stocks for all of those who enjoy mixing ingredients and are getting excited about fresh produce. With most of their branches now featuring a fresh meat and fish counter, market grocers moved conveniently indoors to offer national produce as well as imported fresh cuts.

Our Supermarkets Reflect Local Cultures and Cater for Them

Both supermarket chains Sainsbury’s and Tesco are considered mid-market grocers. That doesn’t meed they’re mediocre or boring, only that they are less pricey and distinctively English in comparison to the more up-market grocer Waitrose. But no matter which you choose you won’t be disappointed as you will find that the ‘average’ mix of cosmopolitan needs can be fulfilled there. That’s because London is host and home to a variety of cultures, so they all end up shopping in one of these stores – which in turn translate into a variety of stocked food! Bingo ! Indian and Mediterranean ingredients can be found next to Asian cuisine basics, vegan and gluten-free produce got its own ‘free-from’ section further down from crates of fresh veg, nationally grown as well as imported, exotic and familiar.

Market Traders and Their Fresh Food Stories

If you have some time at hand, try street markets. Of course, once you got used to the food selection at any of the three big supermarkets, the street market’s seasonal shifts and small quantities offered by individual grocery sellers might feel like a convenience downgrade. But, you’ll get to hear their stories, learn about the country of origin of their produce and potentially hear of the step by step of growing and preparing their foods!

Borough market, with its long trading history, is such a place of learning and tasting. With an up-market reputation and located right by the London Bridge station, it is popular with tourists and locals equally. It’s not all delicacies and specialties but almost. From individual meats and cheese sellers, to exiting raw goat-milk products and mushroom based vegan spreads. Yet with simple and seasonal fruit and veg on sale there is also something down-to-earth to your shopping experience. Foodies will definitely not be disappointed from the experience and the produce.

Souvenirs such as exclusive chutneys that are traditionally added to meat dishes here, are for sale in a range of different tastes. But that sort of spiced extravaganza isn’t only suited as a gift for beloved ones to try at their own gusto, but also an ideal addition to a dinner with friends- it all depends on what you consider your basic ingredients from London!

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