About Me

A little bit about myself…

My name is Osman Semerci and I am starting this blog to share some of my favourite things about London. I’m originally from Istanbul and 32 years old. I am single and live in a shared accommodation with friends and work as a freelance translator. Ten years I’ve been living here in London and absolutely enjoy the city still, it’s time to write it all down I thought, so welcome to my blog!

I hone my love for traditional Turkish cooking but gradually discovered a lot of different foods because London is a foodie town! There is so much to explore and it’s always changing. Whether museums and historical sites, or pub crawls during soccer I love the vibrant lifestyle here. This blog is about having a good time in London with personal recommendations for things to see and visit. Locations that impressed me when I first got here I plan to revisit to compare my impressions.

Through experience I can add some background, allow you to see the city with my eyes and maybe avoid some pitfalls. That’s why I give practical tips and speak about my personal experience with the very mundane things such as transport links and grocers. I enjoy the architecture and will be taking you on city tours so that you can locate yourself between different sites of special interest. By building up orientation in areas north, east, south and west, including the river and canal sides I might be able to inspire your weekend trip or if you are a student and plan to come and live here. From arts and entertainment to nightlife and emerging hotspots, this city never sits still. If you are curious about life in the UK and want to get inspired check my posts!