Bargain Shopping in Style

Are you suffering like me from this heatwave and in dire need of some summer clothes? It’s 30 degrees in the city, a great opportunity to share some of my favourite stores with you!

If you are only visiting for a few days, you probably want to go home with some London swag without going bankrupt or spending your whole holiday shopping. If you want to find some quality bargains, follow my suggestions and make your journey sweeter!

Save some precious pounds while buying stylish clothes, beauty products and delicacies to bring back home, tax free. There are many department stores that offer special deals for overseas visitors. All you need to do is to show your passport and VAT will be deducted from your Bill.

Welcome to Westfield

Westfield is a modern shopping mall boasting a state of the art architectural experience, it has great shops, and no less important – great air-conditioning. If you are looking for a tax-free store you will find it in both Westfield branches, in the very west or the very east of the city. Both are generously spaced, so you can catch the latest trends while wandering between the many stores and restaurants.

westfield shopping mall osman semerci the foreigner in london bargain in style
Westfield Shopping Mall, it has great shops, and no less important – great air-conditioning.

Classic department stores you may have heard of offer tax deduction too! Harvey Nichols and Harrods are both iconic places with a focus on luxury goods and in contrast to Westfield, here the shopping experience has an air of elegance. I bring my visiting family to both for a bit of a sightseeing of UK commerce.

Way Beyond Retro

And without wanting to confuse anybody I also take them to this famous Vintage store called Beyond Retro, which is even less elegant than Westfield. Appreciation for fashion can be shown without spending too much money and the English are no snobs when it comes to it.

Second hand shops might not hold what you were expecting to buy, but here the advantage lies in choosing from a pre-selected range of cool clothes that Londoners wear. You will find two branches of Beyond Retro, each is located in a large industrial warehouse with thousands of items to choose from.

The Best Place to Buy a Sofa

If you just moved to the city and are looking for a furniture piece I’m afraid I must tell you that even second-hand furniture doesn’t come cheaply, at least not in stores. The selection is stylized, chic and got a price for it’s design. But not if you go to the vintage market in Wimbledon. If you plan to furnish your new home you can have pieces delivered directly from there, and even with delivery cost it will still be cheaper than buying at a retro design store!

And Last but not Least…
Along these lines and smaller in size I want to suggest another feel-at-home item to go shopping for while you are here for a visit, or plan to stay permanently. Don’t laugh! It’s soap! London is famous for product inventions and brands that are exported all over the world, so you might have been to a Lush store before. The exiting variety of scented soaps is a must-have addition to your experience of the UK. And since they’re locally produced, Lush products are cheaper in London than elsewhere! Visit their store in Oxford street to shop for a lasting memory.

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