Have a Weird and Wonderful Day in London

The Craziest Things to Try Out in London

London is wonderful! But things can also get crazy there in very interesting ways. For those seeking the thrill of some unusual activities, here are some weird and wacky things to do in London.

Do Whatever Floats Your Goat 
Every year, when the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race is on, there’s also an Oxford and Cambridge Goat Race happening. You can bet on your favourite of two goats, one representing Oxford and the other Cambridge. The two go neck-on-neck as goat fans enjoy the mini-festival that features live music, cocktails and even a ‘Goatry’ Slam for the ‘punny’ poets out there.

Ride the Orbit
Enjoy 40 seconds of crazy fun as you ride The ArcelorMittal Orbit, Britain’s largest sculpture. Most people are happy to enjoy the stunning views from the platforms of this 114.5 metres tall work of art. But thrill-seekers can put a special suit on to slide down the longest and highest tunnel slide in the world. It circles the Orbit 12 times and you can typically reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour!

Largest orbit in the UK

Get Tied up With Some Kinky People
Apparently tying people up can be art. It’s called Shibari and it’s a form of Japanese rope bonding. At Anatomie Studio in London, you can go on a Shibari course called Rope Jam where you’ll learn the basics of rope bondage. Shibari enthusiasts say it’s like hugs, but with bruises.

Go Skinny Dipping
Did you know that researchers at the University of London discovered that being naked in public is linked with higher self-esteem? If you’re ready to take the plunge, why not join Naturist London for their Sunday Swim in Bloomsbury?

Did Someone Say Disco?
Yes, disco is back! But this time it’s not just about John Travolta moves, glitter and disco lights, it now has a healthy twist: it’s Disco Yoga. Each class starts with the option to ‘Glitz Up’ at the glitter station and a live DJ spinning the disco tunes. After class, you get to socialise with a super-food cocktail or mocktail.

Disco balls with colorful floor

Opera Mayhem
And if disco is not your jam, how about opera? Founder of Opera Mayhem, Toby Sims claims to be wild and crazy and promises to crawl under tables and leap on people as they are dining. Apparently, some Londoners enjoy being scared near to death as they are having their supper!

Have Tea in an Old Toilet
A former Victorian toilet in Fitzrovia is now one of the top speciality cafés in London. The Attendant was built around 1890 and was eventually revamped into a coffee roastery, café and kitchen. No, you can’t see the original toilet, but the décor was definitely done with a Victorian toilet theme in mind.

Munch on Some Zebra
At Archipelago restaurant, you can enjoy a range of strange meals with appropriate names. Summer Nights consists of pan-fried crickets with quinoa, spinach and dried fruit. The Serengeti Strut is Zebra jerky with carrot and ginger gel and ‘biltong’ (another type of jerky) soil. My favourite must-try on the menu is the Burmese Embrace, which is sweet-chilli smoked python carpaccio with wasabi crackers and green tea. Yum?!

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