London Ghost Mythology – Sightseeing a la Horror

London’s mystic landscape is plentiful, with ghost stories that will enthrall your stay- watch out for the paranormal in this little guide !

1. Victorian lovers

Greenwhich foot tunnel was opened in 1907 and stretches below the Thames some 307 meters. It can be crossed by foot to reach the southern side of the river.

The tube-like pedestrian structure is entirely tiled allowing for an echo of footsteps. Sightings of a couple from the Victorian era are numerous. They are said to be always holding hands, strolling along and eventually disappearing into thin, damp air.

2. Rider of the past

Hampsted heath, a large park and the lush peak of north London offers a view over the city. The child of local hotel owners is said to frequent his former dwellings and local surroundings. He is reported scarring visitors of the ‘Spaniard’s Inn’, tucking their sleeves. And his large black horse and himself are seen to make rounds on the hilly slopes of the Heath till this day.

3. For kids only

The Tower of London, with brickwork assembled since 1078, has a bloody history.
The noble woman Lady Arbella Stuard lived imprisoned, punished for marrying her love and trying to escape the island by boat. Never would she see her husband again. A hand dressed in a white glove is said to wave from one of the windows in the Tower still, visible to children only.

4. Take me for a ride

The story of a a hitchhiker wanting to cross the Blackwell tunnel to arrive in Limehouse links to the last journey of a young man. Motorists remember the passenger chatty and in good spirits till he suddenly and mysteriously disappears from the seat. Following an investigation of the address he tried to get to, it revealed that it used to house a young man who lost his life in this tunnel.

5. Tri-annual cries

Bruce Castle is a Grade II listed building in the London borough Haringey located in the north of the city. When visiting this local history museum the timing can be crucial if a tourist wants to experience yet another unhappy lady’s faith, pronounced through loud cries every three years in November.

6. A pub owner’s revenge

Being said to have opposed the introduction of train-lines near London Bridge, the former pub owner Miss Murray lost her coach service enterprise that was connected to the still famous tavern ‘George Inn’. Protesting technological advancement ever since her ghost is made responsible for mysterious computer and signal failure at the establishment near Borough Market.

7. Dead actors and a Theatre lover

Three deceased characters have been regularly sighted ghosting at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. Two clowns, one of them is said to be the famous pantomime performer Joseph Grimaldi and a mysterious ‘ man in grey’ have taken to stage and frequented the seating area during, before and after stage plays !

8. Last but not least

Beware of a phantom double-decker bus Nr 7, said to wreck havoc at about 1.15 am at night at Cambridge Gardens station, near Portobello Market. The story is being frequently reported by terrified motorists since 1990 and features collisions, and near collisions with a classic London bus lacking a driver, lights whilst speeding in the middle of the lane !

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