Amazing Adventures Less Than an Hour from London

Great 1-Day Trips Outside London

Living in London is a dream come true for anybody who believes in the importance of enjoying every minute of your life. There are endless opportunities to get out and about and have fun 24/7. But, as much as what I love everything about living in the city (except maybe the traffic and queuing for food) sometimes it’s just nice to get out.

A change in scenery is as good as a holiday and luckily, areas outside of London can be just as entertaining as the city itself (well, almost!) Here are some excellent ideas of things to do on a fun day away from London.

1. Get Your Thrill on at Thorpe Park

If you’re keen on getting your adrenaline pumping, visit one of England’s top amusement parks. Enjoy a range of scary, themed rides including The Walking Dead, Saw and Derren Brown’s Ghost Train. Or, use your wits to solve riddles and break out of the Escape Room. There are also super-fun dodgem cars and teacup rides and a range of waterslides for warmer days.

2. See the Sea and so Much More at Southend

Visit this feel-good and fun little seaside gem for a day and you’ll be revitalised but totally exhausted at the end of it! Seeing the ocean and enjoying the amusement park on a pier that juts right into the sea is great, but that’s not all there is to Southend. You’ll find all kinds of events on throughout the year like art exhibitions, museum events and shows. There’s also a stunning planetarium for a totally unique experience.


3. Run or Ride to the Hills!

Only around an hour and a half away from London, the Chiltern Hills are great for hikes, cycling and picnics. Rent a mountain bike for the day and go exploring or take one of the many walks through the country’s largest woodlands. Known as an area of outstanding natural beauty, the Chiltern Hills contains some of the UK’s most stunning landscapes. A must for nature lovers!

4. Go Back in Time at Exbury Gardens

A great day out for all ages, Exbury Gardens offers stunning picnic spaces and adventure trails suited to all abilities. But, the real star of Exbury is the Exbury Steam Railway. A fun 20-minute trip on a steam-driven train takes visitors over a pond and past a range of beautiful gardens, as they are reminded of an era long passed.

5. Set Sail in Brighton

Known for its excellent fish and chips, Brighton is one of England’s most popular seaside resort towns. It’s also a great place to experience sailing with a half-day sailing cruise. What better way to spend a day than cruising on the water with the wind in your hair? Depending on the weather, you may even spot a dolphin!
Brighton Pier UK

6. Have a Bath in Bath

Although it is over two hours away from London, visiting Bath for an afternoon or morning is definitely worth the trip. There you can bathe as the Romans did over 2,000 years ago in the mineral-rich waters of the Thermae Bath Spa. Besides this obvious activity, Bath is also known as one of the most beautiful cities in England and has some great places to eat like the Marlborough Tavern and Same Same But Different restaurant.

Bath UK


7. Drive a DB5

Virgin Experience Days have plenty of fun options to explore in locations just outside London. You can pretend you’re James Bond for a couple of hours and enjoy a thrilling Aston Martin DB5 driving experience in Surrey. The driving instructor helps drivers get the hang of the luxury sports car before they set off for an exhilarating three-mile blast around the track.

8. Brave the Hellfire Caves and Learn How to Spot a Ghost

The Hellfire Caves tour takes you down long, deep, winding passages where you will explore the chilling history of the location which was once an open-cast quarry. It is not known why this eerie tunnel, with several chambers and divided passages, was dug a quarter of a mile into the hill. The man-made caves are creepy and certainly not for the fainthearted. Attractions at Hellfire include the School of Witchcraft where you can learn to cast spells and banish werewolves and Paranormal Investigations where you can learn how to detect ghosts

The Hellfire Club

9. Giddy ‘up!

Ever ridden a horse? Wellgrove Stables in Tunbridge Wells is just over an hour away from London and offers horse riding lessons. Why not learn something while you are out on an adventure? If you have time left, stop at Downingbury Farm nearby, they sell wonderful cider and, depending on the season, you can even pick your own fruit.

10. Frolic in the Forest

If you fancy a day of getting in touch with nature, it’s worth taking a trip to one of England’s largest forests, Open Forest. This is an ideal location for outdoor activities like paddle boarding, hiking or even wild pony-spotting.

Forest Trees
Forest Trees


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