Moving to London? Here’s Some Ideas on How to Meet New People

Finding Friends and Making Connections in London

Although the city has some eight million people, it could be challenging to find just the right match. Friendships and romantic relationships abound, though, especially in the Big Smoke, London’s nickname from Victorian times! Let me introduce you to some strategies to keep afloat interpersonally and how to find ways to share with and learn from others.

Work Colleagues, Your Daily Contact

With office hours taking up most of your time, it is imperative to feel that you have some kind of community at your workplace. Most startups will offer peer activities, such as cultural evenings, sport competitions, and game nights to engage their employees in social interaction, but not all human interaction can be scheduled. A simple way to connect at your workplace is to stick around for trips to the pub together, share lunch, and show interest in your colleagues by asking them how their weekend went. As a newbie you may want to ask for advice about where to go and what to see in the city, maybe opening up and talking about not having yet discovered the city.

Sport Activities in Urban Places


It’s not a rare sight to come across a group of Asian people doing slow movements in your local park. Their regular gatherings are anchored in a culture of exercise and meditation, maybe ask to join! If that’s too much of a slow dance, check online for informal sporting events like crossfit, popular in this city. Strangers meet in groups to practice various core strength exercises guided by one instructor. They are easy to detect! Just follow the motivating music blasting from a portable speaker hiding somewhere in the bushes. Don’t be shy and check in person if you could join next time!

Choose Your Subject Matter

Workshops and seminars are offered aplenty in London—follow your interests by booking a course to expand your knowledge and skills. Needless to say, you’ll find yourself among like minded people you’ll have something in common with for at least that one day. To ensure interaction, a hands-on course will let you have plenty of opportunities to connect. If you choose to attend a lecture though, for example, there’d probably be only the breaks that allow for a little chat. Pottery courses are hugely popular at the moment. Apart from the social aspect, there is something highly rewarding about sculpting clay with your hands, creating something tangible. Check your local pottery class to combine the social with creation, whilst chatting and sculpting away.

Finally, there is something for everyone in a city like London, so the clue is to seek it out. If you feel your ambition of making new friends is not really happening, get the help of a mobile app, such as Happn. The profile section allows you to spell out your interests and consequently find out about people who share them. You might team up online to attend an event together!

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