Best Things to do in London in Winter

Although the weather can be unpredictable, winter is not exactly snowy in London. It may often be cloudy or rainy, but there also bursts of sunshine during those cold, short days. One thing for sure though is that it gets dark early! So what can you do in London even when it’s dark? There aren’t really any magnificent snowflake scenarios here, but here’s a good selection of options for relaxation, both indoors and outdoors. Let’s start with a cup of tea!

The Ritz

The Ritz Carlton Osman Semerci - Tea
Tea Time @ the Ritz London

A 5:00 in the afternoon tea is just what you need when it gets dark. Get into a celebratory spirit, not just the usual cuppa. The Ritz is famous and classy—don’t go there wearing jeans or sneakers. The interior of this historic hotel is beautiful and their service is great. Just dip your scone into the tea!

Chaya Teahouse

Considering we are in one of the most international cities in the world, you might want to divert from the English cuppa and join an Asian tea ceremony instead! The teahouse offers a set menu of Asian fusion and serves teas in the Chinese gongfu tea ceremony tradition. It is also a tea school and if you’re looking for winter zen, you may want to book yourself a reservation to get into the right frame of mind this season.

City Cruise

Sitting snugly inside the warm bateau while London passes right before your eyes and you watch the river banks is like taking a stroll without walking. The boat sets off at Westminster Peer and sails for two hours on a casual ride but one that is full of sights. A drink and cold snack is provided while live music gives you some background sound to this special trip.

Cruise Dinner

The upgraded version of the city cruise is to treat yourself to a remarkable floating dinner experience. You can enjoy a five-course meal cruising down the river for nearly three hours from Embarkment Pier to the Thames Barrier and back. The boat’s impressive glass ceiling allows for some unusual views. Enjoy your meal and the metropolitan attractions along the way!

Kew Gardens

Osman Semerci Kew_Gardens London
Kew Gardens – London

The historic buildings, exceptional plant collections, glorious grounds, and vital scientific research will inspire curiosity about the world, its plants and its people. Taking a walk through Kew Gardens can really provide a welcome respite from London urban life, even at night when the gardens have beautiful light displays.

Taking in the Season at The Four Seasons

If you really just want to take it easy in the city and enjoy some relaxing luxury, the ultimate experience is a trip to The Four Seasons Hotel Spa. Each room boasts a beautiful view so you can take in all the benefits of being outside while being in the luscious warmth of the spa.

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