London is a Great City to Experience the Holiday Spirit on Foot

Get a Feel for the Holiday Season by Taking a Relaxing Stroll Through London

This time of year, it’s all about making the most out of your day as it gets dark by 5 PM! Instead of just rushing indoors, read on! In this blog, I recommend beautiful spots to visit on foot at anytime. The city is adorned with Christmas lights that make for a delightful walk from Tottenham Court Road to Hyde Park!

From previous trips to London, you may be aware that the lower part of Oxford Street is undergoing a huge transformation with the new Crossrail project. Tottenham Court Road is nearly unrecognisable, but the little streets surrounding the former hot spot haven’t lost their flair.

There Are Places I Remember

To start off your walk, I’d like you to take you down history lane on Denmark Street as you imagine the likes of John Lennon and David Bowie skipping past you on their way to do a sound recording! Stop to have a look at the instruments in the Rose Morris’s windows and be mesmerized by their amazing selection of guitars.

Just a few steps further and you’ll discover the create decorations on display on Oxford Street! The huge balloons and festive lights on this main shopping street have been up for a while, but the department stores have only just now started to display the seasonal decorations both for Instagram and to the delight of passersby.

As you approach the Bond Street tube station, you are getting close to a real treat if you fancy bright shiny things along with a relaxing drink. Pop over to Claridge’s Hotel on Brook Street and you’ll come across a sculptural Christmas tree called The Tree of Love by the famous designer Diane Von Furstenberg featuring 8,000 hand-painted leaves and heart-shaped bubbles.

Traveling to London during Christmas

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Hyde Park is your next stop, or should I say your next playground? With its Giant Wheel, sweet smells, and warped sounds, the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is the perfect winter destination! And in case you’re not really into riding the Munich Looping at heart-stopping speed while dangling upside down, you can suffice with just taking in the beauty of how it looks lit up at night. The ice rink, said to be larger than ever this year, might be a more down-to-earth, relaxed experience of the winter spirit with its smooth, splendid surfaces. Finally, for a taste of British childhood memories of national television, the partly-disturbing and partly-bewildering plum-shaped Teletubbies make a special Christmas appearance at this glittering fair, providing a fun and interactive experience for children and adults alike.

If you walk on a little further, you’ll find a place for silence and reflection at The Serpentine, a lake created about 300 years ago, where you can watch the Queen’s swans glide peacefully along. Once the horse-mounted royal guards pass you by, I can promise you that you will understand the scope of the diverse experiences you can have in London.

A few Years back it would take quite a lot of effort to figure out, exactly how to navigate our great city. using maps, asking person after person on the street or navigating through memory or past experience. These days you can use Google Maps on your cellphone and never get lost. Pick up a local SIM card while you are here and let the fun exploring begin.

Travel to London Westminster Bridge

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